Montecatini Terme & Surroundings

Montecatini Terme

Montecatini is the "strategic" centre of Tuscany; from her you can reach charming places, historic monuments, museums and places unlike anyone others in the world.

Staying in Montecatini Terme allows guests to live their own vacation in Tuscany moving freely among all types of entertainment, from the curative/thermal bath vacation to the cultural/historical vacation passing from the health & fitness vacation to Organized trips. For the Sportsman don't miss the golf and trekking.

Because a vacation in Montecatini is the vacation in Tuscany.

What to see in Montecatini Terme


Il Tettuccio is considered the symbolic establishment of the city of Montecatini, both because inside it all the sources of thermal drinking water converge, Rinfresco, Tettuccio, Regina and Leopoldina but also and above all for the prestige and the undisputed beauty of the neoclassical establishment and for the splendid park that embellishes the monumental building. Inside is the Caffè Storico, a place where Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi wrote some of their most famous works.


Inaugurated in 1898 and one of the oldest in the world, it is undoubtedly the most striking and unique way to reach the ancient village of Montecatini Alto, from which one can admire, as Verdi said, the "most beautiful view in the world". It is a delightful medieval village with alleys to be discovered and corners to admire. Shared by two hills: on one side stands the imposing Rocca di Castello Vecchio, the Church of San Pietro [former church of the castle of Montecatini] and the Bell Tower, while on the other side you can see the Clock Tower and the Church of Carmine in Baroque style. In this unique setting as in the central "piazzetta" with its typical restaurants, the visitor rediscovers a past world and a Tuscany not known by the mass public, but alive and authentic yet perfectly set in its landscape.


The Valdinievole has always been intensely populated in its hilly part where important fortified constructions, castles, crossings, bridges and towers dominated the Fucecchio marshes and the Via Cassia, which ensured the connection between the Valdinievole with Lucca and Pistoia. In the hilly areas there are the oldest historical nuclei of the municipalities of Valdinievole such as Larciano Alto, Monsummano Alto, Montevettolini, Montecatini Alto, Massa, Cozzile, Buggiano, Colle di Buggiano, Uzzano. Not to mention Vinci, an authentic Tuscan village, where you can visit Leonardo's Birthplace and the Leonardian Museum with the 60 prototypes of machines taken from his drawings, in addition to the characteristic central square where the famous Vitruvian Man stands, a beautiful sculpture in wood of the famous design.

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Places to visit near Hotel Arnolfo & Aqua Laetitia

Just 20 minutes from Florence, half an hour from Pisa and Lucca and an hour from Siena.


Just 20 minutes from the Hotel. The Tuscan capital is world-famous for its unique beauty. A city of Roman origin, rising along the banks of the Arno river, for many years the cradle of the culture and art, was the birthplace of the Renaissance's greatest artists, and not only. Florence's artistic patrimony is among the world's most important and the city's historic centre was declared a Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. The church of Santa Maria del Fiore is the Duomo of Florence. It is the fourth church in Europe in size, after St. Peter's in Vatican City, St. Paul's in London and Milan's Duomo.


Just 30 minutes from the Hotel Arnolfo. It has always been a marine city and was one of Italy's most important naval centers. We want to remind you that it was part of the historic Marine Republic. The medieval was a period of maximum economic development for this city, and we can thank that period for urban structure of the city's historic centre, many religious building, piazzas and characteristic small roads which run perpendicular to the length of the Arno. Among the must see itineraries are not only the famous Leaning Tower, the Baptistery, but also the church of S. Frediano, the Guelfa Tower, and the Basilica of the Apostle St. Peter.


Just 30 minutes by car from Hotel Arnolfo. In Lucca, amidst the works of art to be seen, we find the famous Volto Santo now located inside the Cathedral. Lucca is also famous for the majestic city walls with the multiple gates, the most famous being Porta Elisa. It gets its name from Elisa Bonaparte, sister of the celebrated commander Bonaparte who entrusted the princedom of Lucca to his sister's groom. It's still a city very much alive culturally, it presents itself as a bridgehead between the Tuscan maritime of the Versilia and that made of plains and woods of the hinterland.

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