Aqua Laetitia | Spa & Beauty

Getting back into shape, regaining the balance between body and mind, becomes easier in a place that caresses the body and the soul.

Perfumes, sounds, colors, sensations in the skin will transport you to the truest well-being through the great traditions of the past. From the warm and humid of the Middle Eastern hammam to the intensity of the dry heat typical of the Finnish sauna.

And after the heat, the regenerated effect of the water that, treated in all its forms, will bring back the balance through nebulisations of scented water and the whipping energy of the most authentic of cold reactions: finely chopped ice to massage the body .

And since there is no wellness without relaxation, a relaxation area equipped with ergonomic chaise longues will amplify the benefits of heat and cold.

Night Spa

From 21:00 until over midnight if you want to surprise with an exclusive and romantic spa service.

Please read our Treatment Card for more information on times and regulations of the wellness center.